How To Reset a Bluetooth Speaker: The Easy, Safe Way

Bluetooth speakers have become popular in the past few years. They offer a unique way to listen to music in public spaces, such as at work or on the go. However, over time, Bluetooth speakers can become damaged and stop working properly. This is not only frustrating for those who own them, but also for those who listen to music using them. The following article will teach you how to reset your speaker so it can work again.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows your devices to communicate with each other wirelessly. In order to reset your speaker, you’ll need to turn it off and then back on again.

How to reset your speaker

Here is the easy, safe way to reset your Bluetooth speaker. First, make sure you have a clear line of sight with your speaker and that it’s not in a place where people may be walking by. Next, disconnect the device from power or any other cables. Now turn off the speaker by holding down the power button for 20 seconds. After turning off your Bluetooth speaker, hold down both of the volume buttons at once. This will turn on your speakers again, but this time they should work properly without having to reconnect to anything.

Now all you have to do is reconnect your Bluetooth speaker and enjoy listening again!

Check the status of your battery

The first step is to check the status of your battery. If your battery is low, you will need to charge it before proceeding with a Bluetooth speaker reset. If your battery is not low but you’re still having trouble getting your speaker working, always try resetting it before taking it in for repair.

Consider replacing the speaker if it is old

If your speaker has been damaged or broken, consider replacing it with a new one. Many speakers today have built-in technology so they can be charged wirelessly, which makes them more convenient to use. If that’s not available, you’ll need to charge the speaker with a cord. Some speakers also come with headphones that you can use as well.

FAQs – About Resetting a Bluetooth Speaker

Q: How do I reset my Bluetooth speaker?

A: The reset process for a Bluetooth speaker is easy, safe, and takes about five minutes. First, you need to find the reset button on the speakers. It can be in the form of a small button or an inset button that has a small triangle at the top. Next, hold this button down until the speaker starts playing music again. Finally, press and hold on the volume rocker for three seconds to restart the speakers.


What could be a better Christmas present than your favorite speakers back from the dead?

If your speaker is lost or broken, you can try this simple reset trick to have the speaker back to life. It’s a little complicated, but it’s worth the effort if you love your speaker.